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It's an almost universally accepted fact that more often not, artists are the ones who get shafted when trying to get their work into the world. 

It was with this in mind that Cheeky Raptor was born. Born to give artists a decent cut for what they produce. We work with local artists to produce their work and then provide a platform to sell it - We take care of everything: The advertising, the printing, the selling, all that the artists need to do is what they do best - create. 

Our names are Josef and Shalini, we started Cheeky Raptor out of a desire to help support our local creative industry and help local artists grow, build new skills and make a buck along the way. 

There's no better feeling than helping to release a new piece of art into the world.  Getting it into the hands of people who are eager to support their community and eager to support creative industry whilst also getting some really cool new stuff to wear.

Josef Correia Herbert

Shalini Balakumar

Supporting Local Artists

50% of all profits go directly to artists.  Helping them to create more amazing art for you to enjoy.

Support When You Need It

Contact us on social media or at info@cheekyraptor.com and we'll help you out as quickly as we can.

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