Get To Know: Doodles in Transit

Have you seen our latest collaboration with Doodles in Transit?  Get to know the man behind the art in this Get To Know piece.

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What's your background? Where are you from?  What's your history? Have you studied art?  Or did it start as a passion project that grew?

I’ve always loved art, design and anything creative so growing up on the outskirts of Perth I naturally gravitated towards Art School. I studied Art & Design for a year, then moved onto Design and Digital Media for three years. I started my career as a Designer in Perth then established a small Digital Agency in Melbourne working with some great people and well-known clients and always trying to weave my illustration into my interactive work. I’ve exhibited in Melbourne and have a small number of original pieces in private collections around the world. These days I’m working in Perth as a Designer and enjoying the latest work I’m doing as Doodles in Transit 


Where did your love for art stem from?

I’m not really sure but drawing has been the basis of everything for me.  I’ve loved drawing from the moment I could pick up a pencil. I think sometimes having an active imagination requires an outlet so my work is more about getting ideas out that have been bouncing around in my head for too long or resolving something. 

Who/what has inspired your artistic style?

In the early days it was the Artists like Dali, Manet, Magritte but today I’m inspired by Street artists, Stormie Mills, 10hundred, Larson, Stanley Donwood, Tristan Eaton and Brad Eastman.


How do you work? Do you have a routine that you follow/what mediums do you work with? 

I create pencil drawn work during my daily commute, this gets my idea out and then later at night I’ll ink that in and then photograph it, take it into Adobe Illustrator and work in the colour.


What's your favourite artwork that you've created?

I’m actually really liking the piece produced in collaboration with Cheeky Raptor its title is ‘Data Baby’ and it’s just one of my best illustrations in my opinion.


What do you enjoy the most about being a creative?

Freedom to do or say anything I want in my work.


Where can people find your work?  (For sale and completed that's publicly available to see as well at commission options)

Follow me on Instagram here @Doodlesintransit

or on Facebook just search for ‘Doodlesintranist’


Happy to accept commissions and consider collaborations just DM me.


Check out our latest collaboration with Doodles in Transit here.



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