Bertie Who? Artist Profile: Bertie Louise

It's been a little while since we first introduced you all to Bertie Louise, with her bright and fun colour palate. But who is Bertie Louise?  Today we're taking a dive into the life and passions of Bertie.


Bertie Mr Wesley Tee

Tell us a bit about your background.

Hello, I was born in Perth WA. Lived most of my childhood In Geraldton, and came back to Perth to do high school. Throughout school, I was a competitive swimmer but gave that up when I was 18 due to injuries and I feel as though it taught me the discipline that I’ve tapped into over the years.

I grew up in a very religious home, though I no longer consider myself religious. I have come to not resent the past because I feel as though I have a good moral compass because of my upbringing.

Once out of school I did a diploma at TAFE in fashion and textiles, for two years. After, I went full time into retail and soon enough was working my way into management. By the time I was 23, I felt lost and something was missing that I couldn’t put my finger on.


bertie artwork 1It took a close friend asking why I’d stopped doing anything creative when that was something I was drawn to in the past, to snap myself into gear and start on the creative journey that you see me on today. That was it, I was hooked. Everyone around me at that time thought I was going through a faze. I didn’t have anyone who was very creative or believed that money could be made from creative endeavours.

This didn’t sit right with me because the obsession and burning desire to be creative with any free moment I got, was growing stronger and stronger. I had found my passion. I had to break off a lot of stale relationships with the majority of my friends and partner to be able to make room for new exciting, encouraging people to help me on my journey who enabled growth for me. This took years, but the friends I have now who I truly feel are my tribe and are very important in feeling comfortable with who I am personally and creatively I didn’t find until I was 26...

Anyways, these days I'm still going strong but I've learnt the beast we call creativity with other important aspects in my life. I've come to realise working as an artist is a long game and consistency is key.


Where did your love for art stem from?

 It's hard to really remember where from, I was always creatively minded from a young age and did art at school but not too seriously. I went and did a diploma in fashion and textiles over two years at TAFE. In which I partook in weekly figure drawing classes. This broadened my knowledge and perspective on how to interpret what I see in using charcoals and paint. I could see I picked up the skill faster than most in my class and I grew a love and confidence for drawing. 

Bertie Bath Time Tee

Who has inspired your artistic style?

Oh man, it’s hard to pinpoint to be honest. My style has just emerged over time from experiences and probably artists and people I’ve come across in my life. The people I call my close friends with, the parties I go to, the music I listen to all help inspire what I’m attracted to.

I do remember when I started trying to figure out my style I purposely didn’t follow many artists on Instagram, in fear of finding myself copying without realising. I tried to draw my inspiration and style and effects from my life rather than what was in trend and what others were doing.

Once I felt like I had an emerging style I liked, I became less afraid to follow other people work. For the last few years visuals I’ve seen out there that inspires me the most tend to be more simplistic and minimal.  I’m super attracted to colour when it’s used well and in abundance. I enjoy architecture, abstract art and any art that takes your mind away from reality gets me excited.

If I was to rattle off a few artists in particular who I've found immense inspiration from over the years it would have to be good ol Salvador Dali, David Hockney, Sean Morris, Felipe Pantone, Straker, Kristen Liu-Wong.... to name a few.

I also have a huge passion for my local art heroes, Perth has an immense amount of talent... I could be here all day if I was to name them all... let’s leave it at that for now. 

 How do you work? Do you have a routine that you follow/what mediums do you work with?

I should really get onto a routine haha but no I don’t really have a ritual or routine more I find if I can find the inspiration and time and actually start, everything will soon flow and the magic happens. But believe me when I say this it doesn’t come around all the time. 


Bertie art 2

What's your favourite artwork that you've created?

I find the artwork I’ve loved to create generally isn’t what others are as into and may not sell but isn’t that standard ahaha, I’d have to say ‘Appartment Living’ a depiction of some old apartments in Norman Park. It's an acrylic painting that took me on a more minimalist direction. It started my obsession with painting apartments and block shapes. 


What do you enjoy the most about being a creative?

 It keeps me excited about life. It’s my meditation, through self-expression. I feel empowered and good about myself when I’m truly in the creative zone. It’s amazing the opportunities I’ve already had and the ones to come.  When I complete a job I’m happy with I get such a natural high that fills me with confidence and fulfilment. I also love the lifestyle and the inspiration and happiness I can bring to other people’s lives. 


Where can people find your work?

Check for all original paintings and a full profile on my work over the years. 

Instagram:  @bertie_louise 

I’m available to live paint, create custom canvas paintings and digital creations. 

Email enquires to: 

Thanks for having a read xx 

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